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Startup Fever

You will start with the first steps when joining the online game Startup Fever at abcya3 games online. Ready to join this exciting game now? Enjoy!

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Startup Fever GamePlay:

Startup Fever at abcya3 games online is a fun idle game in which you hire workers, assign them projects, collect cash and grow your business. You will start with a paper business. As you progress, the company will grow into an IT and logistics business. Keep hiring workers for more cash. Unlock new office zones, upgrade machines and increase output to earn more money. As you progress, you will discover new ways to make money.

With enough money, grow your team, stack more papers, upgrade machines, and increase productivity.... Keep a watch on your workers. Don't let them sleep. This is your boss's life. You will be practicing the work of a future boss. Experience that can be applied to real business. All the fun will be available in the online game Startup Fever at You will succeed more than expected! All will prepare your future journey perfectly. Starting a business is always difficult, but if you take care of the process, you will have a bright future.

The business will start on a small scale, once you are firmly established in the business, you will have the opportunity to greatly expand those production scales to form a system. And that series of automated systems will make it easier for you when you scale up proactively. You just need to control the job clues like you are successful. Was the internship of being a boss too difficult for you? How will you do those things? Join now and improve those skills. Do you want to practice more business skills, join in playing some other games similar to Mr Speedy The Cat and Lucky Fisherman

Game controls: Use WASD keys and mouse to play.

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