Food Roll - Experience with a very small ball

  • Food Roll

Food Roll

Food Roll

Agile controls with this little ball to help it collect as much food as possible now in the game Food Roll at abcya3 cooking games. Wish you can relax the best!

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Food Roll GamePlay:

Amazingly designed graphics and funny sounds will surely make you addicted to participating in this mission. Are you ready? This is an adventure game with the endless road in the game Food Roll at abcya3 cooking game. You will have a lot of relaxing moments. First, you will need to control a ball then all the food is on this road. You will not expect that on your way there will be countless obstacles and deadly traps that you cannot touch. Get ready to start the game dodging everything. Barriers hinder you. You can break them.

But for the gaps and the nail holes the numerous white logs in the middle of the road. You will feel extremely difficult by what it brings. Game movement speed will get faster and faster. So it requires you to react very well. If you are slow you will not be able to overcome these challenges. You need to move left and right to dodge all deadly obstacles. Jump over the gaps to help the ball move safely.

Keep dodging to the maximum of obstacles to ensure that you have survived on the endless adventure. This is an extremely fierce adventure that will give you a lot of adventurous feelings. But also train yourself one and the most amazing skills. All of that is possible only in the game Food Roll at Don't keep it to yourself and share it with all your friends so that together can start and the longest ball adventure game ever. Start adding a few other adventure quest game genres like Cook And Decorate and Beach Restaurant

Control: Use the arrow keys to get the ball to move in a faster way.

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