Tower Builder Online GamePlay:

Tower Builder Online is fun game for kids at Abc ya. Knock out the King’s sidekicks and bring back peace to his Kingdom. Now you are a tower builder and your job is build a tower as high as you can. You need to release your tower at appropriate time. Don't screw up. good luck!

Tower Builder Online is a fun block stacking game which requires hand-eye coordination and perfect timing with Abcya 3 games. Just wait until the next block is geared to the rest of the building and tap the screen to stack it up.  In the game, your mission is to construct a tower as high as you can to make it the highest skyscraper in the city. Wait for the next block to appear and identify the appropriate time to drop it on what you created. Find other similar games at

Note that don’t drop even a block or else you’ll have to start all over again. Challenge your friends and become the champion stacker. Wish you have a great time. A similar game also is very famous in this series as Box Stacker. Check out it now on!

Instructions: Use the mouse (computer) or tap the screen (smartphone or tablet) to play the game.

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