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  • 1010! Block Puzzle

1010! Block Puzzle

1010! Block Puzzle

Train your brain and develop your logic thinking with one of the best puzzle games at abcya games - 1010! Block Puzzle. Play for free anytime and try to get the highest score.

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1010! Block Puzzle GamePlay:

Simple, addictive, fun and challenging, these adjective words are not enough to describe this brain teaser game. During the game, you will have your own thought about it. 1010! Block Puzzle online not only brings you a great gaming experience but also helps you improve your logic and train your brain in a fun way. Look simple first but insanely challenging later on, it’s not easy to get a high score if you play randomly without thinking.

At https://abcya3.net/, your ultimate goal is to build and destroy structures on the game board to get a score. To conquer the game, you must create complete lines. In a 10x10 board, the game gives you 3 blocks in different shapes. You have to place these blocks in turn on the board strategically. You have to place all 3 of them somewhere on your grid before you can move on to the next turn. It has a gameplay like Tetris. Gradually, your grid is filled with blocks and you will find it hard to place extra block if you don’t find a great way to eliminate the existed ones.

The game is over when you are out of moves. Put your puzzle-solving skill to the test with this amazing game. There is no limited time here, just blocks and grid for you to explore. Fill all the empty places with the block and clear them to get the highest score. Replay and beat the previous high score. Enjoy! Develop logic, and train your mental capacity with another puzzle game named Word Jumble and Chicken House 2

How to play: Use your mouse to place blocks in the grid.

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