• Zombie City Master

Zombie City Master

Zombie City Master

The disease is everywhere. Help the girl out of danger in the online game Zombie City Master at abcya 3 games. Enjoy a lot of fun in this game!

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Fascinated with escape and survival games? It's time for zombies to hunt down the entire city! Become the hero of the city by participating in the online game Zombie City Master at https://abcya3.net/. We will play the game and see a story about the pandemic. Everything was terrible. Zombie virus swept the whole town, once prosperous town is now just ruined... Police, doctors, and neighbors all turned into zombies.

A woman waking up in a hospital alone needs your help to avoid the onslaught of zombies and escape from this dangerous and scary town. The girl woke up after 3 months in a coma and everything changed. She was panicking and feeling panicky. Help her escape danger by participating in the online game Zombie City Master at abcya 3 action games. Feel a lot of new escape skills. Keep the girl safe until the very end. Complete the target and win stars at every level. Imaginative prop design.

Many zombies are waiting for you to unlock. You need to collect various props and use different props to block zombies. You will use many skills as you play. The skill of swinging from the curtains. Different reflexes while encountering zombies. Dump the cupboard to kill zombies.... There are many tools to assist you. Enjoy these exciting games right away and you will assert your versatility. Try your hand at this very new and attractive game. You will succeed! Vivid graphic design will make you feel very real. Dead zombies scare you. But be adventurous and enjoy as much of it as there are other games like... at Stick Warrior Hero Battle and Towers: Card Battles

How to play: Touch the screen or play with the mouse.

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