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Block Puzzle Plus

Block Puzzle Plus

Place your blocks wisely and get a high score by clearing as many blocks as possible. Show us your talents now with Block Puzzle Plus at games!

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Block Puzzle Plus GamePlay:

Block Puzzle Plus is an addictive puzzle game with simple but challenging gameplay. Your goal in the game is to clear as many blocks as possible and score points. To do so, you must place together a series of colored blocks of different shapes in horizontal or vertical lines. When a line is completely filled, the blocks will disappear, and your score will increase.  

Here at Abcay, the game gives you 5 different modes to play: Play Classic; Play Plus; Play Bomb; Survival and Play Hexa. Your goal is still the same over the modes, but each mode will bring you a different experience with a specific additional rule.  

Play Classic: Well, it is classic. So, as usual, you place blocks and gain points.  

Play Plus: The game becomes more challenging with new shapes of blocks, and then you need to be more careful to decide where to place your blocks.   

Play Bomb: Some time-bombs will appear on your playing board. When a bomb's counter reaches zero, it will explode, and the game is over immediately. If you want to continue the game, you have to eliminate the bombs by removing the rows or columns which contain them.  

Survival: As the time bar becomes empty, you lose the game. Clearing lines of blocks can increase the time. Thus, to survive, try to clear as many lines as you can.   

Play Hexa: Instead of play with 10x10 board like in the above modes, in this mode, you will play with a hexagon board. The shapes of the blocks also change, this must be an interesting challenge.  

Your best score will be saved automatically in the game. Retry and set a new record. Have a good time!   

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How to play? Use the mouse to play this game on the computer or touch the screen to play it on the mobile phone.

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