The Man Who Can't Jump - It’s alright if you can’t jump, just roll

  • The Man Who Can't Jump

The Man Who Can't Jump

The Man Who Can't Jump

If you can’t jump to reach the target, it’s ok because you can use other alternative ways to make it. In The Man Who Can't Jump, in order to collect all coins in each level, you must find the best way to raise the vertical platform. Each level in The Man

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You can only walk and roll but jump, how can you reach the target up high? Well, you have other choices. In The Man Who Can't Jump at abcya 3 online, you are a man who can’t jump but you really want to collect all coins placed in different positions in each level. However, you have the ability to raise the columns of blocks. So, use your talent to get what you want.

The game is an interesting combination of platform game and puzzle game in which you have to get all coins in each level to move to the new ones. The hard thing here is that you have to plan a wisely strategy to raise the ground in order to reach the coins. It’s a challenge in each level because each level is different and you are easy to get stuck or fall into the gaps between 2 columns that you have created.

So be careful and use your smart brain to solve this problem. At game abcyaa, after completing the game, your problem-solving skills will improve so much. Remember that you only move to the next level if you collect every gold coin in the current stage. Besides, the difficulty increases rapidly as you level up. Prepare yourself to deal with the incoming challenges. Have fun!

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You use left/up/right arrow keys to play the game.

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