3D Bottle Shooter - Shoot and smash to break all bottles

  • 3D Battle Shooter

3D Battle Shooter

3D Battle Shooter

Show off your skills as a great gunner in 3D Bottle Shooter at abcya 3 games. Aim and shoot to break all bottles far away from you within given time. Finish all levels with three stars.

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3D Battle Shooter GamePlay:

3D Bottle Shooter is an interesting gun shooting game in which your mission is to shoot down all bottles standing ahead. The game offers in a total of 20 levels with each consecutive level being harder than the last. Prove your skills as a legendary gunner by finish all levels with 3 stars.

Let’s see what is your highest score here. You will easily complete some of the first levels because the bottles stand near you. Aim, hold, adjust the angle and release the bullet to hit all the bottles. Each level gives you a certain amount of bullets. You must use them to break all targets within 60 minutes. The faster you hit the target, more chances you get 3 stars and high score.

Here at https://abcya3.net, accuracy plays the most important role for a gunner. You must adjust the right angle using a cross to send the bullet right to the target. As you level up, you face more challenges as some bottles move constantly. You will find it hard to lock the target and make an accurate shot. It’s up to you to aim and smash them. In order to unlock the new level, you must finish the current one.

Experience one of the best shooting game with 3D designs and dynamic sound effect. It brings you the most realistic shooting ever. Enhance your shooting skill and shoot your way through 20 levels of fun and challenges. Hope you have fun! Improve your shooting skills with another fun game called Fencing and Mondo Hop. You will love it for sure.

Instructions: Use your left mouse to aim and shoot.

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