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Apple Shooter Remastered

Apple Shooter Remastered

You are put in a serious situation. In Apple Shooter Remastered, you are an Indian warrior and you are in a training course. You have to shoot an arrow at a small apple placed on top of a man's head. Are you able to shoot that apple without hurting the ma

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Apple Shooter Remastered GamePlay:

You are a new warrior in an Indian tribe. However, you must pass the training course to become a true warrior and take many missions in the future. This training course is insanely intense and it requires you to show your skill and concentration fully, otherwise, you fail and never have a chance to join the force of brave warriors of your tribe. So, it’s time to lets everyone knows that you deserve.

In Apple Shooter Remastered - an interesting and quite frightening shooter game, your mission is to shoot shown all apples placed on the top of a brave volunteer’s head with your bow and arrow. It’s really hard because only a tiny mistake, the man will die. Here at abc ya free games, you must aim and shoot properly.

You shoot a test arrow first, then rely on it to determine the path of the next arrow. By doing that, you have more chances to shoot at the apple successfully without killing the man accidentally. As the game processes, the difficulty increases. The distance between you and the target will be further and there will a pillar placed between you and the target which blocks your view. Try your best to set the perfect direction and power. It gets harder each time. Let’s see how many apples can you hit?

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How to play:

Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

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