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7x7 Ultimate

7x7 Ultimate

7x7 Ultimate is an addicting puzzle game in which your mission is to clear all the colorful tiles on the 7x7 board. Think carefully when taking any move and don’t let the board full. Make a strategy for every move you make because things will be messy eas

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7x7 Ultimate GamePlay:

Can you master a 7x7 board which is easy to be full with various colorful tiles in 7x7 Ultimate? They are crowding the board at each level and through all levels. Here at abc game, your mission is to clear all of them by move tiles to connect lines of at least 4 of the same color.

You can make a line in rows or diagonals. Besides, a rainbow tile is really powerful. You connect it with 3 tiles of the same color to make the line disappear. You must think carefully about how you move them because new tiles appear when you don’t form a line of 4 and the blanks may be blocked by the new ones. However, if you make a mistake, you can use undo and the move everywhere feature to any unoccupied blank on the board, but these power-ups are limited, so you don’t want to waste them. You can earn them by leveling up or forming 2 lines in a single move. As you level at abcyya3, the difficulty increases as the more new tiles appear. Think twice before taking action. Any move may influence the result.

Make combo to gain a score multiplier. You must complete the process bar at the top of the screen to move to the next one. Have a great time. If you’re looking for more fun games, why don’t you visit https://abcya3.net/ and check out Water Mist Tic Tac Toe & Brain Games.

How to play:

Use left mouse to drag the tiles to the position of your choice.

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