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Idiom Hunt

Idiom Hunt

If you love learning English, don't miss the opportunity to join the online game Idiom Hunt at abcya 3 games. You will be trained in memorizing vocabulary through an interesting game. Have fun!

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Idiom Hunt GamePlay:

Enjoy a lot of fun and excitement when playing the online game Idiom Hunt at abcya 3 puzzle. You can start enjoying now to get more skills in memorizing vocabulary. Learning English is very difficult if we don't focus. A game that combines playing and learning will bring more attraction.

Let's start right away with the new and unique things of this game. You will win and need to be focused. Play together and share new elements of the game with many people. The guy is tasked with solving the puzzles at each level. He must use his mind to combine words into meaningful sentences. And when he chooses the right words, he has to jump very high to collect that word. Not easy right? Both thinking and action must be combined. The game is worth the experience! Invite your friends to join the online game Idiom Hunt at https://abcya3.net/

Conquer lots of great levels! Your goal is to pass as many levels as possible by collecting words in the correct order to complete idioms. To collect a word, you must jump into it. The words will appear at the top of the screen as you collect them. Given words, all the words that make up the idiom phrase are displayed randomly, shown at the bottom of the screen. The description, the meaning of the phrase, is also displayed at the bottom. Use hints to easily pass each level. Test the logic in your thinking when playing some other games similar to Cards 21 and Xmas Hidden Objects

Instructions: Use arrow keys to play.

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