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Cozy Merge

Math puzzles are always attractive to many players. Have a lot of fun playing the Cozy Merge online game at abcya 3 games puzzle. Ready to join this exciting game? Happier!

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Cozy Merge GamePlay:

Cozy Merge is a nice puzzle game where you merge tiles on the board to reach a million points. Each tile has a number that doubles when merged with identical tiles. Continue placing identical tiles to create new tiles of different numbers and colors. The game has pleasant music, design, and sound that immerses you in the experience. If you get stuck, use aids like undo, shuffle, or duplicate tiles to solve the puzzle.

It will not be too difficult to solve all the puzzles in this game. We need to do a lot of challenges to pass every level and do a lot of number ideas. Cozy Merge at abcya3 puzzle is easy to learn and difficult to master. You will connect all the same numbers to form double numbers. Just like that expressed on the numbers by the results of larger numbers. You multiply until you reach a million points, then stop. Just like that you play and feel very happy.

Try to achieve a lot of those attractions. You will be careful not to lose behind. We will demonstrate our knowledge of math, and play in a very relaxing way. Observe very quickly when you see the same numbers and connect with them. How many doubles will you do and what score will you get? It all depends on your ingenuity. Ready to enjoy this fascinating game? Simple gameplay, and attractive graphics. Numbers with many different colors create novelty and boring math. You will do a lot of double math to connect the fascinating game. There are many interesting games, you can play some other games similar to Super Hexbee Merger and FISHCONNECT

Release Date

Thu May 04 2023


Cozy Merge was developed by Massive Core.


Cozy Merge is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).


Use a mouse or touch screen to play.

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