• Anna's Date Makeover

Anna's Date Makeover

Anna's Date Makeover

Anna doesn’t know what to wear and which makeup style that she should choose to have a date with Kristoff. She is in a panic now. She has only 1 hour to prepare everything until Kristoff comes and picks her up. In Anna's Date Makeover, you must help her.

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Anna's Date Makeover GamePlay:

Kristoff and Anna haven’t had a date for a long time because they are enjoying the summer vacation after a year of intense study. Kristoff just finished his vacation and he wants to have a date with Anna right away after he arrives at the kingdom. However, because Anna doesn’t care about her beauty during the vacation. She stays late at night to watch movies and gets up late in the morning, so she looks really bad now.

There is some acne on her face and her skin is red. In Anna's Date Makeover, your mission is to help Anna makeup and dress up. Anna just has 1 hour to prepare everything until Kristoff arrives at her house. She is in hurry now. At abcya3, first of all, you help her remove acne, then apply three kinds of mark to heal her skin and make her skin looks more shining and healthy. You trim her eyebrows and apply cream specialized to removing the dark circles of her eyes. After cleaning her face before makeup is done, it’s time to give her a beautiful makeup style at abcya online game

Everything you need is on the left side of the screen. You choose the best suitable shade of color for brush, lipstick, and eyeshadows. Then, apply a layer of mascara. Anna looks really stunning now. Finally, she needs a perfect outfit and some ton-sur-ton accessories. She is ready to meet her true love, Kristoff and have an unforgettable date ever. There are tons of dress-up games available at https://abcya3.net/. Don’t miss out these following options Frozen Spring Street Fashion and Elsa Instagram Fashion

How to play:

Use your mouse to play.

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