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Bob The Robber 4: Russia - Transnational professional thief

Haha! It's time to steal all the property on this earth in Bob The Robber 4: Russia at Abcya games online. This adventure will appear in Russia in Bob The Robber 4: Russia game online. How many levels and puzzles can you pass? It all depends on your intelligence and talents.

Welcome back to Bob's journey in Bob The Robber 4: Russia at Abcya! After conquering many challenges in different countries, Bob decided to visit Russia and challenge himself in the security houses. This trip is interesting? What are you waiting for? Play the game and get many wonderful experiences in life.

The rules of the game are unchanged. Haha! You will act as a secret agent or a robber. Your task is to solve all the puzzles and get the valuable items in each level. These special items will be hidden in different locations in each house. To get these items, you will have to overcome many difficulties and dangers. Because they will be strictly protected by the talented bodyguards. Ready to defeat them in the game at ABC ya 3?

In each of these homes, in addition to the security guards, you will face a variety of obstacles such as cameras, power supplies, and alarms. They will be arranged everywhere and their purpose is to discover your movements in the house. For the camera, you need to move into dark areas to avoid being photographed.

The biggest obstacle for you is the bodyguards. They are extremely powerful and violent. One special thing is that you can not beat them in any way, even with a gun. So, I advise you to avoid collisions and try to escape from the areas where they are guarded. Besides, you have to be aware of the dangerous currents because they can kill you at any time. Try your best to solve all the puzzles and unlock as soon as possible at Abcya games. Everything is ready for you! Good luck!

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How to play?

The players use arrow keys to move, the mouse to steal.

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