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Brain Memory

Brain Memory

Have you ever wondered how good your memory? You do not have to waste your precious time on thinking about this. Let’s take action. Do a test in an interesting game called Brain Memory. It not only gives you a great time but also improve your memory. Enjo

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Brain Memory GamePlay:

Nothing is better to improve your memory than playing game. Both learning and playing, Brain Memory is an interesting improving brain game offers the best way to enhance your memory. By playing this abcya game, you not only have but but also achieve certain benefits. Don’t need to talk too much, let’s start the game.

In the first level, a 3x3 board is presented at the center of the screen with 3 orange symbols. Then these orange symbols will disappear. You need to quickly observe the position of these symbols as they appear on the screen. Then select the correct symbols to complete the level within 15 seconds. As you level up, the difficulty increases as the board is widen. This means you will find it harder to remember exactly where all orange symbols. If you click on the wrong tile of the board, the game is over and you have to play from the level 1.

Each time you play at abcya3, the position of orange symbols is different, so you will always have a fresh experience. The greater the number of tiles on the board, the harder it is to locate the orange symbols. Moreover, these symbols only appear for a few seconds and disappear very quickly. You must capture them in your hard as quickly as possible. Try your best to get a high score and conquer all levels. Enjoy! More fun with more games at, try out Minecraft Memory Mania & Ball Way.

Controls: Play the game with your mouse.

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