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Bubble Woods

Welcome to Bubble Woods - an awesome bubble shooting game. It brings you to the wood and joins cute chipmunk in an exciting adventure of harvesting tons of colorful bubbles. Aim and shoot accurately, use boosts and conquer every level as well as get the h

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Bubble Woods GamePlay:

Do you feel bored? Do you want to play something easy and fun enough to kill time? Why don’t you enter Bubble Woods at abcya kids. It is one of the best bubble shooting games out there with the cute character, beautiful graphics, and great music background. Surely, you will find it hard to leave the game if you haven’t finished the game yet.


You are brought to a fairy wood in which you have to help cute chipmunk havest thousands and millions of colorful bubbles by shooting all of them down. It’s simple but challenging as well. Each level gives you 60 seconds to do your mission. You have to aim and shoot accurately at more than three bubbles with the same color placed next to each other. Make sure you reach the target in each level within a given time.


Gradually, as you level up, you can unlock some boosts which will help you so much on completing a level easier and faster. Here at abcya abc, each time you finish a level, you will award with coins. Using coins to buy more boosts. These boots will give you extra time or change the color of a bubble zone to a certain color, and so on.


Besides, remember that the more hit in a row, the higher your score. Hit 10 times in a row for a fireball to blast a great amount of bubble away. Enjoy the game! Experience more games available at https://abcya3.net/ such as Bubble Burst and Pinboard Bubble Shooter


How to play:

Aim and shoot with the left mouse.

Press spacebar or right mouse button to swap bubbles.

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