Buggy Ride - Ride on the wind to win

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Buggy Rider

Buggy Rider

Need for speed? Welcome to one of the most challenging racing games ever at abcya 3 - Buggy Ride. Accelerate to the maximum and win race after race. Have fun!

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Buggy Rider GamePlay:

Do you need something excited? Something related to speed and car? Competition? Welcome to one of the best racing games ever - Buggy Ride. Hard, challenging and awesome are all to talk about this abcya game. At here, your mission is to speed up to the maximum and glide towards the finish line like a gust of wind to sink the opponents in the dust and win race after race. You enter a racing against 3 racers.

You must control your car steadily and flexible to pass through every obstacle. At https://abcya3.net/, the races are not smooth and straight. They are rugged and has so many obstacles. You will be surprised to go through the bends and curves. It is really challenging. You have to show off your driving skills to win over it. Winning a race, you earn money. You use the money to buy new vehicles which are cooler and better and unlock the new tracks. You must be the first one across the finish line to move to the next level. If you are at the second or third place, you have to race against until you win. So, try your best to pass the opponent.

The bends and curves are the best chance to pass them. You should take advantage of that moment to break through. Each race of 2 laps. You can see your rank in the race. Are you confident enough to get the champion cup? Accelerate to the maximum and start the show. You will have the most realistic and awesome racing experience ever here. Have a great time! Another racing game that you shouldn’t miss is Police vs Thief: Hot Pursuit and Cars 3: Demolition Derby. Check it out.

Instructions: Use arrow/WASD to drive and space to use the handbrake.

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