• Building Rush

Building Rush

Building Rush

Do you want to practice being the boss? Let's start with that when you are in the excitement of the online game Building Rush at abcya 3 hot games. Even more fun!

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Building Rush GamePlay:

The new town is under construction. This is the perfect opportunity to make money with Building Rush at https://abcya3.net/. Build factories to produce and sell building materials. Earn medals and achievements that will give you upgrade points. Spend them to increase your productivity. Replay levels to improve your results and get more upgrade points. You will have amazing things to experience.

Practice being the boss and solve all the problems related to finance and construction. You will choose to buy raw materials and equipment in the factory. You have the right to decide to buy the land in the project. The feeling of being the boss with power in your hands will be great. You can make that dream come true. Discover now the online game Building Rush at abcya 3 games hot. You will feel the bustle of the city being renewed day by day. Along with new residential projects, you will get the idea of ​​getting rich and building an interesting factory.

You will have more attractive feelings. Become rich and you know how to spend money to profit. Investing in a business will never be easy. But you will win. You will be rewarded with a lot of medals. The bronze medal gives you 100 points, the silver gives you 50 points, the gold 50 points, and every 10 dollars over the gold medal requirement will give you 1 upgrade point. What are you waiting for? Start now with some other games similar to Farming Missions 2023 and Idle Pet Business

Game controls:

Press 1 to select the first tree.

Press 2 to select the second tree.....

For large maps using WASD or arrows to move.

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