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Catch The Thief

Catch The Thief

Play as a cop and catch thieves in the online game Catch The Thief at abcya3 free online games. Accept the exciting challenges! Let's go!

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Catch The Thief GamePlay:

Catch The Thief online game at abcya 3 free games is a very addictive game. A very simple mission needs to collide between cops and thieves. But it's not easy to keep cops and thieves inside the game layout and a lot of obstacles are there too if an obstacle collides with a cop or thief you fail. Also, catch the thief alive. The game has a lot of appeal and novelty. The task is to get close to the thief and capture them alive.

If you push them to the bottom you are breaking the rules. Therefore, this is a difficult intellectual game. The techniques of playing require you to have thought. If you think well you will complete this task. We can completely invent extremely new ways of playing. The new version will be available in the online game Catch The Thief at https://abcya3.net/. You have a more unique feeling when participating in this game. Together we will conquer the levels in this game. Remove the wooden slats so you can reach the thief.

You will have to keep your balance when you fall. Don't let the wood fall on you. Transport all the wooden slats to the bottom to make sure the thief is caught alive. These levels will exploit your agility. If you want to be a good police officer, challenge this game. If catching thieves is simple, this game is the fastest way to check. A police guy with a lot of experience catching thieves will prove his intelligence when playing this game. To practice more skills, don't miss the chance to experience some online games like Dinogen Online and Bank Robbery

How to play: Tap and drag to move the wood.

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