Flag Capture - Fight the enemy to capture the flag

  • Flag Capture

Flag Capture

Flag Capture

If you love action games, get ready to join the online game Flag Capture at abcya3 games. Accept all the exciting challenges. More fun!

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Flag Capture GamePlay:

A thrilling first-person game with flag grabs and gunfights. All will be available in the online game Flag Capture. Get ready for exciting new experiences. Together we will enjoy and share a lot of joy. Do you want to enjoy it right now? You will perform the mission of an assassin.

Shoot, freeze, burn, and blow up your opponents if they get in the way of capturing the flag. Reclaim your flag if your opponent has stolen it. In this game, you have to compete in a flag-robbing format. Several types of weapons will help you achieve your goal and the beautiful and realistic physics will make it interesting. The best players will top the leaderboard! Start now with the online game Flag Capture at abcya3 shooting. You will meet very strong opponents in turn. You fight hard to get back that goal in that flag.

Compete for a flag and fight hard against your opponents. They have an army and if you are alone, you will quickly reach the finish line and perform professional skills. While moving, aim and shoot accurately toward the opponent. This game is a gun battle. Its goal is like that, you need to discover a lot of those things and share with your friends about fighting skills. We're going to have a really big gun, you need to do all of that right now. Share as much with your friends and you will succeed. Would you like to get started now? We need to experience different positions. Move through the maze and defeat all enemies. The graphics are very eye-catching, enjoy playing some other games such as Royal Siege and Modern Air Warplane WW2

Game controls: Use arrow keys and mouse to play.

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