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  • Bus Simulator: City Driving

Bus Simulator: City Driving

Bus Simulator: City Driving

Have you ever controlled a bus in the real life or simulation game? If not, Bus Simulator: City Driving at abcya3 will bring you the most realistic experience ever.

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Bus Simulator: City Driving GamePlay:

Driving is never easy and controlling a bus is definitely a big challenge. If you are looking for a driving simulation game or your dream job is to become a bus driver, then Bus Simulator: City Driving online is one of the best choices to opt for. This game will bring you the most realistic driving ever that you have never seen before.

Your ultimate goal here is to pick the passengers from the bus station and drop them safely at their destinations without hitting any traffic cars. Besides, you need to refuel your bus when needed at abcya3 you are brought to a huge open city in which you drive your bus across the city and stop at any bus station to pick up your passengers and drop them off at the next stop. The control is not too hard but in the beginning, you may confuse and feel dizzy.

Just drive as the way you like but remember avoid other cars and avoid hitting everything such as streetlamps, walls or people. Here at abcya, you must keep in mind that you have to refuel when your bus run out of fuel. In order to unlock the next level, you have to complete the current one. If you succeed in the mission of each level, you will earn money. With the amount of money that you have, you can purchase a new bus which is cooler and has a larger capacity. Drive safe and be careful. Surely, you will complete all missions with ease. Have a great day!

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Instructions: Use arrow key or WASD to drive and spacebar to brake.

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