Rob Runner at ABCya3 - How far can you run?

  • Rob Runner

Rob Runner

Rob Runner

Run in the space station, jump over the obstacles and gain diamonds. Come to ABCya3. now and show us how far you can go through in this adventure Rob Runner!

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Rob Runner GamePlay:

Rob Runner is a very attractive and interesting action adventure game at ABC ya 3. Your character in the game is a professional thief named Rob. Rob is out of money, and so he is plotting to steal some diamonds in the space station. But that is not easy.

There are so many obstacles on his road. Rob needs your help! Just click or tap the screen so that he can jump over the obstacles and gain precious diamonds. Keep your eyes to observe and watch your every move because deadly traps are everywhere - underneath, above and in front of you. Your character will not immediately die when he encounters obstacles, but he will lose his blood after each time. During the game, you can follow the blood meter on the upper left-hand corner of the game screen. And just below the blood meter, you can find the total distance presented.

Once the blood runs out, the game is over. Do your best to run the longest distance possible and earn a lot of diamonds before the blood meter comes to an end. You may not have a high score at the beginning, but it's ok. Take your time to get familiar with the gameplay, improve your skills and you will see positive changes. The best result is saved automatically, then replay and set a new record. Good luck and have fun!

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How to play?

Use the mouse to play this game on the computer or touch the game screen to play it on other devices.

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