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Circle Pool

Circle Pool

Circle Pool is a refresh version of traditional pool game. If you love playing pool, you will like this one. Control the white ball to hit other balls in all levels at abcya games

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Circle Pool GamePlay:

In the traditional pool, you have to shoot at any object balls on the table to the holes, but in Circle Pool online, everything has changed. This is a brand new type of pool. There are no holes, no opponents and no rectangular table. At here, your mission is to control the while ball to hit everything and make a chain of explosions to complete all levels. Original and new, you will have a great gaming experience in the abcya game.

The game offers various levels with the difficulty increases over time. You will easily clear some first levels because they have no obstacles and challenges. It just shows you how to play the game. However, as you level up, you will find it hard to control the while ball to hit other balls because there are many obstacles appear and stop you. At https://abcya3.net/, you must choose the right angle to shoot the ball. When other balls get hit, they bounce into the wall and explore. Each level gives you a limited number of white ball. You must make all balls on the current level explode within the given balls. You should notice that the harder you hit the ball, the more the ball will rebound off of various surfaces.

As a result, it will create chain explosions. Try your best to use the least balls as possible in the current level to earn bonus balls for the next level. Let’s see how many scores can you get and how far you can go in this exciting pool game. More fun games await you ahead.

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How to play: Use your left mouse drag, aim and shoot.

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