Do you love mahjong games? Join the game FISHCONNECT online now at abcya3.net website and show your talent. Play now!

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Feel a lot of fun and novelty when you join the FISHCONNECT online game. You will enjoy a lot of unique things when connecting the squares with a very attractive ocean theme. You will use your agility to observe the squares with the same images. They will disappear and you will become the winning player. However, you will notice the time because you cannot play leisurely.

Focus and play hard to be able to finish the level as quickly as possible, with enough points you will automatically move to the next level. All the surprises are ahead, are you ready to step into the FISHCONNECT online game. More fun when starting this fascinating game. You need time to practice everything. Join together and share the fun with your friends. In this mahjong-inspired puzzle game, players must connect matching squares on a 6x12 grid before time runs out. The challenge, however, is that the tiles can only be connected to lines with no more than two angles.

With stunning graphics and a ticking clock that adds to the tension, this game is sure to keep players on edge as they race against the clock to complete each level. How many levels will you pass and how many scores will you get? It all depends on your ingenuity. Start having new experiences in this exciting version of mahjong. You will confirm your very sharp eyes and very good hands. Together we will do a lot of techniques to quickly collect the images of this game. Be observant because you are easily fooled. Play some other games similar to Treasures Of The Sea and Tile Connect Pair Matching

Controls: Touch the screen to play.

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