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Do you want to explore a new planet full of attractions? Join the online game Eliatopia at abcya 3 online games. Accept new challenges! More fun!

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Eliatopia GamePlay:

Explore a new planet, like your friend from Earth, who begins to explore a newly discovered planet inhabited by aliens. Start your adventure in Eliatopia online game at abcya 3 games. Ready to play now and you will have more new experiences! More fun! You will be caught up in the game with many unique activities and skills. You will love it from the first play. You will feel very happy and excited.

Play with your friends or create new ones and explore the planet together. Fight monsters and even other players in areas. Progress your character through a huge collection of weapons and armor, skills and ability points. What dark secrets does its government hold? And what about its correlation with Earth? Find out now! You will feel a lot of fun and great surprises. We will play together and feel a lot of special things. Perfect everything right away and you will have more great strategies. Enjoy the Eliatopia online game now at https://abcya3.net/. You will be happy when you have new experiences. Play with people around the world.

Over hundreds of devices to choose from. Huge worlds to explore full of enemies and friends you meet along the way. Tons of skills and customizations to make your character different from others. Let's conquer the new world and build a mechanism for humans to survive. Capture and occupy vast territories with your agility and intelligence. You will have very useful activities. The game is very interesting and engaging. You can play some other games similar to Towerland and Street Mayhem - Beat Em Up. You will be the leader in that world. Experience and feel a lot of fun.

Game controls: WASD or arrow keys to move, C to attack, E to get items, mouse to aim.

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