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Have you ever participated in a fierce battle of Egyptian warriors? Would you like to explore this dramatic battle? This chance is for you. Jump into Egypt Stone War game at ABCya 3 games and defeat your enemies in the battle. Egypt Stone War Game Online is ready! Good luck! 

Egypt Stone War game at ABCya3 is an interesting and engaging battle in which you will fight directly with enemies in a battle. In this battle, shooting skill is the most important and special factor for each warrior. Can you defeat the enemy? The answer will depend on your talents and your ability to observe. Good luck! 

Set in a vast desert with huge pyramids, enemies are attacking the Egyptian kingdom and your goal is to fight hostile forces. Enemies are approaching your pyramid and they will find ways to destroy everything. 

You must prevent all this because the pyramid is one of the great historical works of humankind. In particular, they are cultural symbols and beliefs in Egyptian beliefs. So, you have to protect this historic work in any way. You can use your weapons to shoot down enemies and destroy their weapons. 

In each battle at Abcya free game, you will have 3 lives and you should be careful to avoid wasting the game. You will fight directly with the enemy, so you will have two main tasks: defense and attack. 

To attack the enemy, you should carefully watch and direct the direction of the shot accurately to destroy the enemy. Remember that enemies will also attack you, so you have to break the enemy's stone blocks before they destroy you. 

Don’t forget to use shields and modern weapons to defeat many enemies in battle. If you want to play more with the same games, you can check out Cupid Heart and Knife Ninja at Have a great time! 

How to play? 
Use the mouse to shoot down enemies. 

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