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Will you be able to come up with the smartest plan to dominate the map at Dominia. io? Friv land is looking for the best strategist at abcya3 io games.

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Dominia. io GamePlay:

Multiplayer games are the popular choice for players in abcya 3 kids games since you can share the game with some of your closet friends. How about trying out a new multiplayer game in which you can compete against your friends to see who is the best at building an empire.


Start the battle at Dominia. io online game and build your mighty and powerful army. Only by expanding your territory with the appropriate strategies will you be able to survive the attacks of the enemies. A prominent feature of the game is that players can choose to play as humans or as orcs. Should you choose to play the role of an orc, your task is to build your village from scratch, not army.


An empire consists of the stable infrastructures and a large number of soldiers and workers. Therefore, you will start by creating a worker in the first step. The worker will be in charge of building the farm and houses for more workers. Moreover, as you progress further into the game, you can acquire soldiers as well. Remember to train all kinds of warriors to defend your village. Upgrading the towers is also an important task to secure the barriers of the empire.


The best player should be the one who can take control of the vast map and locate the enemies efficiently. Show us the smartest strategies at For more fighting games, you can check out Gobattle and Shell Shockers



use your left mouse to select, build, order, the arrows or W, A, S, D to view the map.

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