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Freeway Fury 2 is another crazy action-packed racing game made by Serius Games. Are you ready to deal with the craziest race on this planet? Jump into ABCya3 now.


Freeway Fury 2 is one of the most interesting and addictive racing games that you have ever played for sure. Why? Because it offers its own unique and differences compared to other racing games. What do you have at this ABCya free game?


Well, you still join in a race but this time, you jump back and forth between many vehicles on the road to keep moving because it’s rush hour and you are stuck in a traffic jam.


You will get an extra bonus for each jump. Jump from cars, trucks to semis, motor, and tanks, do crazy stunts and reach all seven finish lines to destroy the final boss before the time runs out. At ABCya 2 games, you can find more related games such as Freeway Fury 3.Let’s have hours of fun here!



Use the Left and Right arrows to steer, press Z and arrows at the same time to jump onto other vehicles, arrow up to use nitro.

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