Fun Escape 3D

Fun Escape 3D

Venturing on a road in the air there are countless obstacles appear. Are you confident to start fighting in the game Fun Escape 3D at abcya3 games.

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Fun Escape 3D GamePlay:

Race with all your teammates to overcome the countless challenges ahead. Can you imagine that such a short road has hundreds of obstacles? This will happen in the game Fun Escape 3D at abcya3 hot games. If you feel you can conquer this path full of pitfalls, then come to the game now. There are your enemies appearing on this road. Your goal is to run after them and push them down the river. But things have never been so simple. Hundreds of obstacles are still appearing ahead, making it difficult for your way. Blocks are undulating continuously up and down. If you accidentally touch it, you need to dodge it immediately. The axes are very tall and are moving very fast.

There are countless unexpected pitfalls giant hammers smashing into the ground at any time. Try to push the other person down and help you get back to the finish line safely. But you need to combine your skills. Because you need to make sure that when you push people down and dodge obstacles you won't be pushed into the river. Try to keep yourself safe from the onslaught of enemies. Let's get started! The farther you go, the higher your score will be. Later on, it will be more and more difficult in the game Fun Escape 3D at https://abcya3.net/

But I believe in the ability to observe combined with a lot of your actions you can completely conquer and push all these players to the bottom. Try to be the last survivor on this road to the finish line in the fastest way. Why don't you share such a fun adventure game with all your friends? Join in a few of these other similar racing game genres like Rodeo Stampede and Conduct This!

Control: Use arrow keys to control your character most easily.

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