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In this newly added transform game called Morphit from the list of free gaming options at ABCya games 3 kids, it's all about setting the timing for the morphe into different shapes to bypass the holes. The main task for you and your character in this special transform game will be to simply stay in the game for as long as possible. To do so, the players will need to change the shape of the main block at the right timing so that the block can fit in the next hole. As the name Morphit, you can overcome the blocks and the holes using the art of changing the shape. If you don't change the shape in time, you will get blocked out and pushed down.

Keep in mind that the position of different buttons required to change the shape is different for players on PC and mobiles, therefore, do your best to memorize them from the beginning of the game and master the game setting at no time! If you are a newbie, let us guide you through the list of shape-changing orders. The first position will be a rectangle frame. The second one is a square, while the last one is a circle. Let's say that you need to make sure you can catch up with the dense appearance of obstacles on the path and match their changing speed.

The most important elements to winning this game will be the art of controlling the time and the ability to capture the best timing for each bypass. It takes some tips and tricks to top the Leaderboard here at, but we guarantee that you will have a blast during the playtime! Colorful journeys await for the best adventurers with a brave spirit in more games like Dr Panda School and Uphill Rush 8

Instructions: Click the left button or tap on the screen to change the shapes.

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