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Rodeo Stampede

Rodeo Stampede

Tame several animals in this game's quest to promote your management skills. Enjoy that now into the game Rodeo Stampede at abcya games. Have fun!

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Rodeo Stampede GamePlay:

Access a lot to be able to participate in an extremely new mission challenge that you have never been able to participate in. This is a newly released game genre Rodeo Stampede at abcya 3 games. In this game, you will become a manager of 1 zoo. What is your goal? You need to tame all the animals in this zoo to achieve your goal. Get close to these animals. You can estimate the distance using your ropes to jump on the backs of these animals.

If you fulfill that task then you are ready to become an excellent and experienced manager. Let's get into the game and purebred lots of giant buffaloes ahead that are moving very fast. You need to try to rush and control your speedwell. You need to know when is the right time to get around the rope into the animal's side. The more animals you try to domesticate, the higher your score will be. Zebras also appear in the game and it is very difficult for you to capture them. Try not to miss the animal is because it is all useful items for you.

Please unlock more levels and some support weapons. You can manage the zoo is better, watch and run combine many actions to create the best action. Along with his friends participate in the game Rodeo Stampede at to transform into farmers who manage a zoo full of difficulties and challenges. You can experience in addition to a few other similar zoo games like Conduct This! and Dr Panda Farm

Control: Use the arrow keys to control your character the best.

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