Ghost Walker - Kill all bandits and show off your talent!

  • Ghost Walker

Ghost Walker

Ghost Walker

The hero of the game is a hidden character. He doesn't need people to be grateful. Join the challenge in the online game Ghost Walker at abcya 3 games online. Come on!

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Ghost Walker GamePlay:

An unknown person has gone hunting for reputable bandit leaders. Join the adventure in the online game Ghost Walker at The game will amaze you with its exciting ninja control in slow motion and dynamics. Your main task is to destroy the bosses. And whether you will kill their entire team while you get to them or not bleed is your choice. This is a game where you will feel like a superior, elusive, super skillful, and powerful melee weapon master.

Try to experience this amazingly elusive feeling for yourself, defeat all the bandits without a scratch, and become a legend. You will succeed and become the hidden hero in this fascinating game. Are you ready to complete these missions? Enjoy a lot of fun playing Ghost Walker online at abcya3 action. You'll do any challenge! Exciting battles. Lots of weapons. Great assassins to choose from. Lots of bosses and enemies will be present and fight you to the end. The band of robbers is very large and you only fight alone. Are you scared? That won't make it hard for you.

You will overcome and you will become a brave person. The gameplay is very simple. You will operate with the mouse or touch the touch screen. You will swipe and hold to let your character move and fight the bandits. Fight hard to protect innocent people. They have the right to live. You are taking a very humane action. There are many more interesting games, you can play some more games similar to Ninja Hands and Zombie City Master

Instructions: Touch the screen and swipe in the direction you want to move.

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