Keeper Of The Grove 3

Keeper Of The Grove 3

The mighty army will defend your territory. Join Keeper Of The Grove 3 online now abcya 3 games. Accept all new challenges! Happier!

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Keeper Of The Grove 3 GamePlay:

The Keeper Of The Grove 3 online game at https://abcya3.net/. is a tower defense strategy game. Your job is to guard the gems and prevent the enemy from trying to steal them. Build defensive towers around the path so they automatically protect the map so nothing gets stolen. In addition, you should try to upgrade them to become more effective in combat. You can call an earlier version to get a bonus for that.

Collect all the coins with your mouse and build more defense towers. The battle will be very intense if you play hard. We will have a special edition for the fight. A rich kingdom with huge assets is in danger of being invaded. Very ferocious armies with a variety of weapons are approaching to rob this place's jewels. You will be building an army along the way to guard and fight those opponents. You will slowly choose the troops based on the amount of money you have. Arrange them in logical positions to destroy all the opponent's army.

Have a lot of fun playing Keeper Of The Grove 3 online abcya 3 free games. You'll definitely get through it. Together we will discover more and more new things in this version. Your task is to build a fighting army and arrange them properly. For the rest, you will be free to let the army do the task. We will always have a perfect choice. Play together and conquer many new challenges of this game. Would you like to do more? All defense towers will show their full potential. If you love it, you can join some other games like Feudalism 3 and Big Bird Racing

How to play: Use a mouse or touch screen to play.

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