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Happy Glass

Challenge yourself with a new puzzle game at abcya call Happy Glass. This one is both entertaining and challenging. How can you fill your glass with water? Enjoy!

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Happy Glass GamePlay:

Happy Glass is a physics-based puzzler in which your ultimate goal is to fill your glass with water by drawing. You can fill your cup with water like a piece of cake in the real life but in this game, it’s harder than you would think. It’s beyond your imagination. Well. An empty glass looks so sad at abcya3 He doesn’t smile because he has no water.

To make him happy, you must find the most reasonable way to lead the water into its stomach in each level by drawing a line or a shape. You will earn more stars depending on how long the line that you draw. You will see an ink bar at the top of the screen. Therefore, shorter the line is, more stars you will get. Here at abcya, balance is really important. You will easily pass through some first levels. As you process, the difficulty increases significantly. Some levels offer many obstacles in which you draw a line or shape not only to lead the water into the glass but also stop that obstacles fall into the glass. In some levels, you have to fill 2 glasses with water at the same time.

Sometimes simple thinking will bring the best results. And the simplest way is the most effective. Don’t afraid to think outside the box. Be creative and you will find the best solution to complete every level with 3 stars. Enjoy and have fun! You want to add more games to your favorite list, don’t you? Then, let’s visit 1 Line & Blocks Match 3  and check out these following options https://abcya3.net/

Instructions: Use your left mouse to draw a line or a shape.

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