Healing Rush - Play as a doctor to save people

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Healing Rush

Healing Rush

Do you want to experience what it feels like to be a doctor? You will immediately play the online game Healing Rush at abcya 3 games. You will conquer now! More fun!

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Healing Rush GamePlay:

If you want to be a professional doctor. You need professional practice. Start playing Healing Rush online now at abcya 3 games. Are you ready to join the online game now? We will have more opportunities to experience a lot of fun and new things. You will be able to do more new doctor specialties. You will help a lot of people and build new hospitals with more beds. Welcome to the exciting game where you play as a doctor in a new hospital.

Citizens have fallen ill from strange diseases, let's come down to cure them! Only you can help. Build the biggest hospital in town and save all the patients! Your patient has many complex and strange diseases. Hurry up and use the right potion to heal them in this simple and very addictive action game! Become a doctor in the online game Healing Rush at https://abcya3.net/. Accept all challenges now. What will you do to be able to play better? Follow the instructions to perform the correct behavior.

You will save a lot of people and expand the hospital beds to save lives. Are you ready to start this war? We will start now! Feel many new surprises. You will save patients who have a lot of serious injuries that require dressing and medication. Get the potions from the cupboard and help them. The game helps you experience a lot of things. Are you ready to get started? If you love this game, you can play some more games similar to Ubisoft All Star Blast and Roblox Space Farm

Instructions: Use mouse to play the game or touch the touch screen.

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