Zombie Harvester Rush - Control a harvester and harvest zombies

  • Zombie Harvester Rush

Zombie Harvester Rush

Zombie Harvester Rush

Looking for a game different from other games out there with a unique gameplay and fun experience, don’t you? Check out Zombie Harvester Rush online at abcyac3 now.

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Zombie Harvester Rush GamePlay:

Zombie Harvester Rush is a fun and unique game offers something different that you have never experienced before. You will own a farm, but you are not going to farming, then harvest agricultural products here. Instead of farming cops, you will harvest zombies.

Sound insanely interesting, doesn’t it? Zombies are roaming everywhere. They are flooding into your farm. So annoying. You can’t let them appear anywhere. Let’s start your harvesting. This game brings so much fun and excitement. Your objective at abcya3 is to harvest as many zombies as possible. To collect zombie, you drive a harvester along the field and mill these undead creatures by running over them. However, everything is not going to be easy. You must avoid all obstacles on the road because if you hit them, the game ends immediately.

At abcya game, your harvester can overheat. That time, you should think of upgrading your vehicle. Visit the shop and buy many products which ensure your harvester remains efficient such as engine power, engine cooling, turbo rotors and so on. Besides, the game also offers an achievement system including various missions. When you finish them, you will earn many awesome rewards. In the game, there are many different kinds of zombies.

Each of them has their own value, bring you a certain amount of coins when harvesting them. Control your car flexibly and wisely to refresh your farm, bring its glory and peace back. Hope you have fun! If you want to find more fun games to play and add to your favorite list, just visit https://abcya3.net/and check out our game collections and you will find tons of awesome ones such as Duck Hunter & Pizza Ninja 3.

How to play: use left and right arrow keys to drive your harvester.

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