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High Shoes

High Shoes

Do you dare to go on stilts? If so, what are you waiting for? This game High Shoes at abcya3 games will make you feel extremely happy to take on the challenge.

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High Shoes GamePlay:

Stilts is a game that many people love, but not everyone is confident enough to be able to walk on stilts. So if you are confident, come to the game now High Shoes at https://abcya3.net/. You will move back to the stilts then fast forward. The higher your stilts, the more movement there will be. You need to collect a lot of stilts in the front to make your legs longer. Try to move on the air road as safely as possible.

You will feel extremely adventurous when participating in this game. But it will make you have a lot of relaxing moments. This game will have obstacles to take away your stilts. Every time you get through all this your stilts will get shorter. On the path without obstacles, you need to focus on the technique of stilts to make your stilts as long as possible so that when going through an obstacle, it will not be lost. Whether you can return to the finish line or not depends on the remaining stilts on your feet.

Try to keep it steady and move safely to get yourself a high score. What do you hesitate? Let's hurry to start a very fun stilt game. How far can you go? Confidently run these stilts to execute the most engaging play ever. Dodge all the obstacles so you don't lose your stilts. It's fun when you can get together with your friends to participate in this game High Shoes at abcya3 game free and find yourself a lot of fun. Start adding another similar fun game genre like Tomb Runner Mobile and Fall Beans

Control: Use the arrow keys to control your character to the best stilts.

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