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Who loves cool ice cream sticks in the summer? Do you want to enjoy all the delicious ice cream in the world? This is the easiest way for you. Play Ice Cream game at and explore a world of cool ice cream sticks now! A beautiful ice cream shop by the sea in Ice Cream game for free is waiting for you.

Ice Cream game at free online abcya3 is a lovely and fun game which is suitable for kids, especially girls. The gameplay of this game is extremely simple and lovely. I believe that this game will promise to bring you more exciting and engaging experiences. Here, you will have the opportunity to work in an ice cream shop on a beautiful beach. As you know, a cool cream in the summer can dispel heat and weariness for everyone. So many people will look to your store to buy ice cream. Your mission is to serve the customers and bring them the cool ice cream as their request. You should remember that each customer will have a different requirement for their ice cream. Therefore, you must carefully observe and remember the requirements of each customer, then fulfill their exact requirements. Customers will come constantly and give their requests in a quick manner. Try your best to serve customers as soon as possible and bring them satisfaction and trust. One more thing at www.abcya, if you successfully serve many customers, you can open up new ingredients to make ice cream. Why your store needs a lot of ingredients? Because they will attract and stimulate the customer to enjoy cool ice cream sticks with many new flavors. Thence, you will have a lot of money and open a chain of new stores. Ready to explore? Don’t forget to play more with some similar games such as Ice cream memory at ABC ya Controls: The players only need to use the mouse to play the game.

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