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  • Instagirls Dress Up Halloween

Instagirls Dress Up Halloween

Instagirls Dress Up Halloween

Halloween is coming. Let’s help our beautiful girls get what they need to cosplay their favorite character in Instagirls Dress Up Halloween online at abcya3 game

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Instagirls Dress Up Halloween GamePlay:

Halloween is around the corner. It’s one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. What are you going to prepare for Halloween this year? Our 7 stunning girls who are known for the famous girls on Instagirls - the most used social network.

They are really excited and want to transform into a special character. In Instagirls Dress Up Halloween online game at abcya3 game, your mission is to go shopping with them. Each girl just has 1000 hearts which is the in-game currency to buy anything from outfit to accessories. This game offers a huge collection of fashion items which is divided into many different categories. You have to manage in order to buy as many stuff as you can with that amount of money.

Let all girls try all costumes on and see which one suit each of them the best. They can be the witch with a witch hat who wears a black cloak and hold a broomstick or they can turn into 7 beautiful princesses will a glowing crown on the head or become 7 superwomen at abcya3. There are so many choices to transform. If you just buy a few items and have not enough money to buy anything else, don’t worry, you can earn money later. Just try on everything you have bought, then take a photo, upload it to Instagirls and wait for a wait. Their fans will send them heart which turns out money. After that, you can use this money to keep buying stuff.

Finally, they will get all that they want for Halloween. This game is so fun, isn’t it? Wait! Do you want to have more fun? Then, let’s experience the game called Elsa First Earring Trying & The Day Before Elsa Wedding at

Instructions: Use your left mouse to choose each item for each girl.

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