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Jelly Crush

Jelly Crush

Come to this sweet magical jelly garden Jelly Crush to collect the jellies, achieve goals and find the hidden treasures. Have a good time at ABCya3!

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Jelly Crush GamePlay:

Jelly Crush is a fun and addictive puzzle matching game at ABCya for school. Press the start button, and you will get into a beautiful magical jelly garden where is full of cute and tasty jellies treats. All you need is to match the jellies to achieve goals. You will be given a different goal in each level of the game. You will also receive a certain number of moves that you can use to complete your goal. And the rule is that if you can’t reach your goal within the required moves, you lose and you can’t go to the next level.

So, always follow the changes in the statistics of your goal and make suitable strategies to achieve the goal before you run out of moves. As you progress in the game, the goals will get more complicated and difficult to accomplish. Then you need to be wise in every move. It is interesting that the game gives you useful tools which will help you collect the jellies more effectively.

You can also generate tools yourself by making item combos like clearing 5-6 jellies to get a missile or clearing 7-8 jellies to get a bomb. And there are many other powerful tools that you will be instructed how to create them during the game. A lot of levels are waiting for you to come and conquer. So how many levels have you already reached?

Enjoy your time! You may want to try some similar games such as Jelly Jump. Check out at to discover new and fun games every day!

How to play:

Use the mouse to play this game on the computer or touch the game screen to play it on other devices.

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