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Zombie Survival

Zombie Survival

How can you survive in the zombie apocalypse? Be defeated and die or stand up and fight? Let’s try your best to survive as long as possible in Zombie Survival at abcya3

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Zombie Survival GamePlay:

The zombie virus has been spread all over the world. It turned people into living dead. These mindless creatures hunger for the brain. They’re looking for survivors. You as a survivor and to live in this deadly world, you must learn how to protect yourself. In Zombie Survival at abcya3 game, your goal is to survive as long as possible by killing all zombies chasing you. They will come to you. RRun when you can not fight back and Fight to the end when you have a weapon in your hand. You are alone in a wild town. There are no people here, just zombies wander somewhere out there trying to catch you. Hold your gun tightly, aim and shoot accurately to kill those who want you dead.

You need to defeat them before they eat you. Moving around through the town to the forest and shoot down all living deads. At abcya, it’s sure to shock you with various unexpected scenes. For example, you turn life or right at the corner and a zombie suddenly jump to you, or a transformed dog appears when you look down. Keep calm and be ready to handle every situation. Besides killing, you also need to collect tools, weapons, and materials to create items that you can use to survive. In addition, you must find food and water to recharge the body. Good luck!

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How to play: Use WASD/ arrow keys to move; 1/2/3/4 to choose weapons; mouse to aim/shoot and look around; spacebar to jump; E to enter inventory; F to collect items/use objects; Esc to exit.

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