Kick Dream Soccer at ABCya3 - Will your team be the winner?

  • Kix Dream Soccer

Kix Dream Soccer

Kix Dream Soccer

Playing as a coach of a soccer team, how will you control your team? Come and show us your talents with Kick Dream Soccer at ABCya3!

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Kix Dream Soccer GamePlay:

Fans of sports games, we are going to bring you a new fun and challenging sports game here – Kix Dream Soccer. And if you love soccer, you really shouldn’t miss this game. Here at ABcya for kids, you will control a team of players in soccer matches, and also control their formation and tactics.

Like real soccer matches, every move on the field is important. That’s why you must think about your tactic options, and try to act as efficiently as possible with the ball. You also need to make decisions soon because your opponent will not spend time to give you the chances. The game offers you 3 different modes to play: Story Mode, Dream Cup, and World Supper Cup.

The Story Mode is an immersive mode where you can enjoy the actioned packed storyline and aim to collect all the gold stars. Get more challenging experience with the group stage and knockout rounds in Dream Cup Mode; or play with your national team in the Super World Cup as an expression of patriotism. No matter which mode you choose, make use of your soccer skills and don’t let your team is the losing team at the end of the match. It is interesting that you can buy useful items to upgrade your players or buy new players in the Store. Enjoy the game!

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How to play:

Use your mouse to interact with the game if you play it on the computer or tap the game screen when playing on the mobile phone.

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