• Maze Challenge

Maze Challenge

Maze Challenge

Generate a random maze for any occasion. Enjoy this perfect companion in a newly released game genre Maze Challenge at abcya puzlle games. Have fun!

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Maze Challenge GamePlay:

Navigate the red square to a square similar to it but larger. It's an amazing mission that you can experience in this game Maze Challenge at abcya3 online games. The game will make you feel extremely interesting from the first time you join. This is a game shaped by unexpected maze levels. The game is not limited to a single and randomly generated maze with extremely simple controls. You need to drag a small square to the position of the big square over the level wall. Overcome the speed and step to other bow places. The later the number of mazes will be more and more.

The road is very difficult you need to find a safe and fastest way to help this small square return to a big square. Ignore all obstacles and focus on the path to help you navigate the best square. With an extremely simple graphic design but attractive gameplay. You will be fascinated by the game very satisfied with the first word you join. Start with this game you just need to make very simple controls. Move and drag alternately and empty paths to find the path that best suits you. You need to dodge difficult roads and no way out.

Because this is a maze so the path is very messy. Are you confident you can win all the hardest maze roads in this game? Luck will smile on you. Along with your friends participate in this game Maze Challenge at https://abcya3.net/ to be able to control the circle most intelligently through many mazes. Usually, add a few other similar brain-demanding game genres … at Super Candy Jewels and Microsoft Jewel

Control: Use mouse to move your square together.

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