Super Candy Jewels - Try to collect as many sweet candies

  • Super Candy Jewels

Super Candy Jewels

Super Candy Jewels

Colorful sweets have appeared a lot in this game Super Candy Jewels at abcya3 games. Can you join the game to collect them? Luckiness will come to you!

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Super Candy Jewels GamePlay:

An island adventure about sweets and trying to complete all the main quests is a great thing you can do. Don't miss your chance to get started in this fascinating game genre. Appear in the game Super Candy Jewels at abcya3 games there are a lot of sweet candies with different colors and shapes. Their positions are confused. Your goal is to bring them back to their original orbit, which is to link 3 or more of all the same colored sweets next to each other to disappear. You can move the mooncakes or the purple sweets.

When you have enough points, you will become a player and overcome the challenge. You will not be able to miss all the fascinating levels in the game. The secret behind is still waiting for you. There will be items to help you destroy all of this. But there will also be items that you cannot touch. Difficult right? But the joy is still ahead of you need to go and grab them. Let's start to experience the most joyful moments with these colorful candies.

Reward yourself with delicious candy combos. If you need help then you can use rockets to collect candies and win. Sell ​​all these candies to get some money back and start with more difficult levels. You will not be bored when participating in the game, but on the contrary, it completely attracts you. It's great that you can share this game Super Candy Jewels at with your friends and have the sweetest moments with candies together. You allow yourself to participate in a few other interesting game genres like Microsoft Jewel and Shaun The Sheep Flock Together

Control: Use your mouse to link lots of candies.

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