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Do you love the mermaid? Play Mermaid Jigsaw at Abcya and find your talent in this fun puzzle game. Are you ready to explore Mermaid Jigsaw? Go ahead!


Welcome to the ocean world of beautiful princesses and mysterious stories! Mermaid Jigsaw at Games for Abcya games is waiting for you with many interesting experiences here. In this game, there are 21 levels that are equal to 21 paintings for you to show off your talent. Do you understand the rules of this game at Abcya games kids?


There are 21 paintings that tell of the life and love of a mermaid in the ocean. However, they have been disturbed and your task is to arrange them in the correct places on the picture. This task is not easy because the puzzle pieces are quite similar. To conquer all these paintings at Abcya online games, I have a good advice for you.


You should arrange all the pieces that are related to the main characters in the picture. Then you will continue to connect the small details to each other. In particular, puzzle pieces will be disturbed with no rules, so this can cause many difficulties for you in the game. Would you like to discover more with some other puzzle games like at Abcya kids? Discover it right now!


Controls: The players only need to use your mouse to play the game.

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