Stickman Boost 2 - Enjoy adventure full of dangers and excitements

  • Stickman Boost 2

Stickman Boost 2

Stickman Boost 2

Stickman is back on a unique adventure full of dangers and excitements. Are you ready for that? Join along with stickman on an interesting journey in Stickman Boost 2. Enjoy fun, relaxing and thrilling moment through 10 stages and complete 2 bonus stages in Stickman Boost 2 online at abcya online. Have a great time here!

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Stickman Boost 2 GamePlay:

Jump, fly, slide and dodge through 12 thrilling stages full of joy and challenges in one of the best adventure game at abcya3 - Stickman Boost 2. Surely, you have no time to regret once enter the game. You will be attracted by its fast-paced action-packed gameplay. In this cool running and jumping platform game, you have to help stickman reach his goal by conquering all 12 levels including 10 fun original level and 2 exciting bonus ones. Each stage has it owns challenges and style.

However, what you need to do in all stage is still to reach the finish line as fast as possible by jumping, flying, sliding and dodging tons of obstacles and passing through every gap between the platforms without falling down. Here at online abcyaa 3, in order to stay alive until the end of every level, you have to take advantage of your ninja skills and all kinds of useful power-ups that you can collect along the way. Act fastly and flexibly while watching out the dangers. Remember that you have to complete the current stage to unlock the next one. There are also many achievements waiting for you to conquer. If you complete them all, you will get huge rewards.

Don’t forget to collect coins and stars and have fun with stickman. Do you know that many games are added regularly to Let’s check out some awesome choices that you may love such as Ninja Defender and Temple Dash

How to play:

Use left/right arrow keys or AD to move, up arrow key or W to jump, down arrow key or S to crouch/ roll while running.

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