Pixel Speed Ball – Are you quick enough?

  • Pixel Speed Ball

Pixel Speed Ball

Pixel Speed Ball

Control your rolling ball without bumping into obstacles and falling out of the path. How far can you go in this Pixel Speed Ball? Enjoy your time at ABCya games!

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Pixel Speed Ball GamePlay:

Pixel Speed Ball is a fast-paced arcade game in which you control a rolling on a path full of obstacles. Here at ABCya, everything happens at a fast speed, so stay focused and try to react as quickly as you can. You will start to recognize oncoming colorful obstacle blocks which you must avoid so that you can continue your game.

Change to another lane or do jumps in order not to collide with the blocks. You should be more careful with moving blocks which sometimes appear on your way. And if the blocks turn up too dense, you can do a double jump over them. Besides the blocks, you also need to watch out for deadly chasms between different parts of the path. The only way you can do to overcome the chasms is to jump across them.

When moving forward, you can also collect gold gems scattered along your way. Gaining helpful magnets can help to earn more gems. The game is an endless game, and it will become faster and faster over time. Test your skills and try to go as far as possible without falling out of the path. Good luck and have fun!

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How to play?

On the computer: Press AD keys or left/right arrow keys to change lane; W key or up arrow key to jump, hold and release to do a higher jump.

On the mobile phone: Slide your finger to the left or right to change lane; tap to jump, hold and release to do a higher jump.

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