• Princesses 2018 Summer Fashion

Princesses 2018 Summer Fashion

Princesses 2018 Summer Fashion

Ariel, Moana, and Elsa will show you some new fashion trends. Are you ready to explore the world of fashion with them in Princesses 2018 Summer Fashion at. abcya3?

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It’s 2018 now. Do you know which fashion trend is hottest these days, especially in summer? Well, if you don’t care much about fashion or don’t really know about them, them Ariel, Moana and Esla will show you the newest collection of fashion that they have got in this summer.

Are you ready to explore the world of fashion with these stunning princesses? In Princesses 2018 Summer Fashion online at abcya3 game for kids, Ariel will show you beach fashion, Moana shows you date fashion and Elsa shows you bar fashion. Each of them is a fashion icon in the Disney kingdom. You will learn about new fashion trends by choosing for Ariel, Moana and Esla, each of them the best outfit. Then, you mix and match the outfit have been chosen with accessories, footwear, and a new hairstyle. After that, let’s see whether our princesses satisfied or not at abcya

First of all, beach fashion is definitely about the bikini. Ariel is the princess of the ocean. She has many types of the bikini. So, which one suit her best in your opinion? Make a wise choice. For Moana, she wants to be a stunning girl on the date. She loves dresses. Pick out a perfect dress for her. Elsa always goes to the bar to meet her friends and dance. She loves the young and dynamic clothes, so you should opt for short, tank top or skirt as she likes. It seems they really happy with your choice.

Have a great time! Play more dress-up games at https://abcya3.net/.There are so many different choices waiting for you such as Elsa And Jack's Love Wedding & Elsa First Earring Trying

Instructions: Use your mouse to choose an item.

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