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Road Crash

Road Crash

Crash all the enemy cars to collect a large amount of money. Join now in the game Road Crash at abcya 3 games free online. Luckiness will come to you!

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Road Crash GamePlay:

Rush your car to bring together a lot of adventure as well as fun from the gameplay. Are you confident that you will win all the enemy cars? Hurry up all the exciting things are waiting for you ahead. Please join now in the game Road Crash at abcya 3 games. Appear in this game and you will control your favorite sports car. Then let's start the challenge! This is a huge race track but there are a lot of enemy cars around rushing in front of you.

So what do you need to do in this game? Your task is to drive your car as fast as possible to crash into all the cars in front of you, then your money will be very high. The more cars you crash, the more your money will be. You will then use your money to be able to upgrade and buy more sports cars with even better destructive power. Careful! There are many deadly traps that you need to overcome. There are barriers or countless obstacles in the middle of the road that hinder your movement.

Driving at a speed that is too fast will be difficult and impossible to avoid pitfalls. Try to control your speed as best as possible and react quickly when encountering obstacles. Crash into the cars, not the obstacles in the road ahead. You will become the best driving leader in this game Road Crash at Take simple controls to drive your car smoothly with one coin. Invite your friends to participate in this fat game to become the most adventurous cars that break all your limits. Discover a few more similar fierce racing game genres like School Bus Simulation Master and Ojek Pickup

Control: Use arrow keys or mouse to control your car.

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