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The passenger driver is very cute. Enthusiastically welcoming guests and customers release their hearts for that sincerity. If you love this job, you can join the online Ojek Pickup game at abcya 3 games. You will feel great while playing exciting games. You will love it the first time you play it. What are you waiting for? Invite your friends to experience many similar games. Let's find out your mission and the rules of this game. Play as an Ojek motorcyclist. Your goal is to pick up and drop off passengers at your destination.

If you are not familiar with Ojek, this is a term for motorcycle taxis (motorbike) in Indonesia. Gojek or ojek is a big phenomenon with the rise of Uber, Lyft, and smartphone-enabled mobility vehicles. Indonesians use ojek to easily get around from place to place, especially in large, crowded cities. Intuitive drag and touch system for planning your Ojek routes. 6 different Indonesian cities to play. Travel Indonesia while discovering new landmarks from different cities, such as Jakarta, Bogor, and Surabaya. Fun themes and optimistic sounds. - Different Ojeks to play with. Trapped? Use hints to help solve your puzzles.

Fans of Uber, Grab, Didi and Lyft will appreciate this game. You will draw routes for the driver and he will follow that schedule and carry passengers to the correct destination. You just need to spend some time watching to know how far away the starting and ending locations are. Enjoy the great game Ojek Pickup now at https://abcya3.net/. The opportunity for you to experience some other games similar to Pak The Car and Quad Bike Traffic Racing Mania

Control: Use mouse to play.

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